Mobility As We Age

Mobility is key to both physical and mental health. What is mobility?

Mobility is defined as your ability to move purposefully as you go through your day. It is the foundation for living a healthy and independent life.
Mobility comprises all the skills required for everyday living: physical stamina, strength, balance, coordination, and range of motion. The importance of mobility becomes clear when you rise out of bed, shower, manage a flight of stairs, walk a half-mile, get in and out of a car, or carry groceries. Mobility also helps us avoid falls and prevent injuries, and allows older adults to live longer on their own. In short, mobility helps you stay “in the game.”

The key here is not waiting until you start to notice loss of mobility, but to keep working for greater mobility NOW. That means maintaining or perhaps starting, a stretching routine. Build a movement routine that involves challenging your muscles and your co-ordination. Being strong without co-ordination is pretty useless, so challenge the brain in cross-body patterning, move ‘functionally’ rather than linearly only.

Something to try each day

Little and often is better overall in your week.
10min,3x a day a few times a week, is better than 1x30min session once a week.
Work on being able to get to and back from sitting on the floor (without using your hands) or start with a chair if the floor is too challenging..
Try standing on 1x leg for 60-90sec. If that’s simple, try it with your eyes closed.
Keep challenging yourself with the basics and build from there.

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