G.Lo Fusion

G.Lo Fusion is body transformation program designed around 1hour sessions, ideally performed 3 times per week.  Each 1 hour G.Lo Fusion workout has been formulated to work the muscles, mind and mobility by sculpting your full body to elevate your metabolism.

G.Lo workouts fuse all the best elements of Yoga, Pilates and Barre workouts and are enjoyed in a fun, non-judgmental, non-competitive space where you get to focus all your attention and energy on YOU. Every class invites you to forget your ‘to-do list’, forget about the pulls on your time. When the music starts its all about you getting into your happy place and shaking the stress away. You are encouraged to focus on what you can do, rather than what you believe you can’t do.

G.Lo Fusion is designed to promote mobility and joint health while addressing imbalances in the body, especially those most common to the lifestyle we lead as women; core and hip strength, posterior chain efficiency, upper body strength. All of which, once brought into focus, are key to improved posture, elimination of pain and increased energy levels.

A non-impact, full body focused class to help you get stronger, burn calories & keep joints healthy.

A fun, sweaty conditioning hour fusing the best bits of Mat Pilates, Barre & Dance Fitness. G.lo or ‘glow’ brings together Sara Reynolds, 22 years of body transformation expertise, in which thousands of women have found their ‘g.lo’ in mind + body health. This ‘whole self ‘ workout is built on repetitive movements that build strength & endurance without bulking up in a fun and uplifting session. 

Sara Reynolds

Class Rates:

12 week course: £136.20 (£11.35 per class)
6 week course: £80.34 (£13.39 per class)
Intro 4 Pack: £58 (£14.50 per class)
Pay-As-You-Go: £18 per class


Summer 1: Monday 15th April – Friday 24th May (6 weeks)
Half Term: W/C 27th May (1 week)
Summer 2: Monday 3rd June – Friday 12th July (6 weeks)

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Bookings should all be made though the website. Booking confirmation will be emailed to you once contact details and payment is received. Please note: All classes must be booked and paid for online in advance. Cash payments cannot be accepted in person. Your unique code to log your attending sessions will be emailed to you with the ‘Luma’ check-in page.