Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Since 2017 we have worked consistently with organisations in London building better wellbeing amongst teams in workplaces across multiple sectors. Weekly Yoga and mindfulness sessions help build team and individual health, as well as our bespoke Wellness Week initiatives in educating around best practices in wellbeing.

Yoga & Breathwork

Shared activities which transcend the workplace hierarchy allow for greater communication and collaboration within teams. Being in a shared activity harmonises you with those around you and by choosing yoga as the modality for this, you allow accessibility across ability and gender. Yoga really is for everyone and through the MMBC programs, we ensure that every member of the team in attendance will gain both personal as well as organisation benefits from the session. As well as learning new skills, these sessions encourage relaxation, laughter and a sense of fun. Sara’s Yoga sessions have foundations in Power Yoga, with a focus on making the practice work for you, no matter your level/ability.

We Offer:

  • Weekly Classes
  • Wellness Week ‘Wellbeing Discovery’ Sessions
  • Monthly Sessions