Holistic wellness cannot exist without movement. As a Coach, my sessions are designed to challenge you physically, to make you think, to make you align with the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘when’ you do what you do (both on the mat and off it).  As a Coach I am here to provide the opportunity and the skills for you to ‘do it for yourself’. 

What I love about my role, is that no matter your journey with the content and the challenge, no matter how you engage with it, I guarantee with consistency and persistence you will grow and evolve on every level. Physically, emotionally and energetically. The choice is always yours, its not always comfortable and often not easy. But you will gain results.

Sara began dancing at the age of 8, having travelled the world with her ballet dancer parents. Born in South Africa she completed all her dance training in New Zealand & graduated with her degree in Australia.

Titles & World Rankings

Sara has over 20 years fitness industry experience. A former professional ballerina, injury forced a career shift toward fitness. A decade of professional bodybuilding:
23x championship titles
3x IFBB Australian National Champion,
IFBB 5th in the World.
Sealfit Graduate & Leadership academy intensive finisher- with USNavy SEALs
Sara has Coached Olympians, Commonwealth Games Champions

Performances with

Queensland Ballet company
Queensland Opera Company
Independent contemporary dance companies
Productions of ‘la cage aux folle’ in London
Taiwan Dance Tour

Published Industry Expert

H&N Lifestyle Magazine, London Fitness Expert
Tiger Recruitment Magazine
Muscle & Fitness Magazine Australia
Magazine, Australia
British Airways Magazine
Ironman Magazine-IRONWOMAN section
Woman’s Health and Fitness, Australia
Australian Natural Bodz Magazine (‘Cutting a Fine Figure’ Column)
Docklands Community News
Docklands 3008 Magazine
New Zealand Fitness Magazine

Featured athlete in:
Muscle and Fitness Magazine , Australia
Australian Natural Bodz Magazine
Hardcore Aussie Muscle
Ironman Magazine
Cultura Fisica , Italy
BodyFitness, United Kingdom
Attitude Magazine, United Kingdom Appeared on:
Channel 10 (2009): 9am with David & Kim
Channel 7 (2010): Today/Tonight (feature piece with Tom Rehn)