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The Prescrib’d Method was designed to give clients the spark to ignite their most vibrant, empowered, balanced self. Through a rounded lifestyle approach that address the whole person. Together with your MMBC Coach we create your bespoke health strategy. “Holistic wellness cannot exist without a connection to the emotional, mental & physical self. Movement is an essential key to health. When you direct your energy toward balancing these aspects, you begin to thrive” ~Sara Reynolds


Holistic wellness cannot exist without an integrated connection to the emotional, mental & physical self. Movement is an essential key to health. When you direct your energy toward balancing these aspects, you begin to thrive. We offer memberships for our live, on demand & private coaching programs. Eliminate back pain, return from pregnancy or take your fitness to the next level. Together with your Coach, your best movement regimen will be established based on an holistic approach to your mental and physical needs. Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Strength Training, Meditation & Breath-work; all have their place to support the best outcomes for your mind&body- what is your Prescrib’d Program?


Discover your unique food relationship and needs. Together with your coach, your personalised program will be created and monitored via weekly Coaching calls.


Our emotional and psychological wellness is critical to our overall health. MMBC can help you identify the key areas that are impacting your wellbeing & together build a tool-kit that will bring balance & freedom back.

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No matter where in the world you are, stay connected with your coach, live sessions & ‘recorded that day’ sessions.

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Past Clients Share

I had several breakthroughs in three sessions I had with Sara, especially issues around family dynamics. I found it very useful to explore strategies to mitigate these and establish healthy boundaries. Sara was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together and I feel like I’ve learned a great deal more about myself.

Korina Villanueva

UX Manager

I was keen to have some support with my future career focus and having the confidence to make the transition to becoming a full time PT. Also, I needed support to focus on life priorities and considering ways to ensure a better work life balance.Sara is very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease. I found her friendly, patient manner allowed me to speak freely and honestly. Some questions took me out of my comfort zone slightly & challenged me to really think, without feeling awkward!


Accountant/ Freelance Personal Trainer

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